2020 has been a rough year, and many of us have found ourselves feeling like a gooey chocolate chip cookie, the 100th luffballoon, and sometimes even the mystery mousketool! You’ve probably thought to yourself, “6 more months of this? I’d rather shower with a bear.”


True to form,  Psych moonwalks onto the scene in the nick of time. Psych the movie 2: Lassie Come Home has arrived just in time. 

But psychos don’t stop there! We may not be able to split a pineapple for the road these days ( unless your arms are 6 ft long in which case we want to see that), but we can do what psych fans always do: share that delicious flavor and our big hearts with each other from a distance.

Postcard  Cheertacular!

How Does it work?

Choose from a variety of postcards below, add a short message and send a smile, a fist bump, and some fun to another psych fan out there the old fashion way, with philately ( stamps. We mean stamps! c’mon son!). 

Each card costs 5 dollars, and 100% of the funds will be going to the PsychO Relief Fund. This fund will be available to any psycho who has fallen on hard times or could use a helping hand. Psychos can request help from the fund for themselves or others via a submission form. All information shared here will be kept confidential. We can’t buy you a blueberry, but if you need some help stretching those last pennies, we want to have each other’s backs. 

Think of it this way, every postcard sent is like getting two pineapple upside-down cakes and that warm feeling in your heart you get knowing you’re making someone’s day a little better. 

The selection of postcards will vary and coming soon? Design submissions! Submit your postcard to be voted on by everyone and added to the collection. 

Not a fan of philately, that’s ok! Help us spread the word via social media or make a donation without sending a postcard. It’s up to you! 


Lets Twist This, PsychOs!

Santa Barbara Free Dance Studio

Santa Barbara Free Dance Studio


Shawn and Gus visit the worlds largest ball of stamps.

Gettysburg Lassiter

Gettysburg, Santa Barbara, we've heard it both ways.

Wish you were here!

Wish you were here (gus wishes he wasn't).

Im Proud of you!

We're proud of you too.

More designs coming soon!

More postcards coming soon!

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More designs coming soon!

More postcards coming soon!